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Meet Your Coach

Hi, I’m jackie, founder of skin organics!

Welcome! It is no accident you are here, and I am grateful you found me! My purpose is to help you find your inner and outer glow, through your relationship with your skin! I am a Licensed Esthetician, a Holistic Skincare Coach and (currently) studying to become a certified Holistic Ayurvedic Coach. I began Skin Organics as a way to help others who wanted a holistic approach to skin care utilizing a positive mindset, natural methods, and organic products. After years of battling my own skin issues, I finally realized: my skin was responding appropriately to the environment in which I was giving it! The acne was showing me of the hormonal imbalances within. The redness was screaming at me that my skin was raw from over exfoliation and harsh creams. The wrinkles were telling me of the expressions I unconsciously held. It dawned on me that most of what I had learned in the esthetics industry were contributing to my problems, both internally and externally! The cleansers, creams, serums, moisturizers that I was spending hundreds of dollars on were actually making my skin worse and more vulnerable to disease. Constantly comparing my skin to others, left me feeling less than adequate, especially as an esthetician. I realized true beauty and healing comes from within, and is a harmonious balance with nature. Since my discovery, I have healed all imbalances, inside and out. I have found happiness and confidence in myself; and my skin has responded with a beautiful, natural glow! Now, I understand my purpose, and why I had to walk through the challenging times. My path has taught me amazing lessons that are a testament to what happens when living in balance with the mind, body and spirit. It is my intention to help others learn the language of the skin and find their inner and outer glow!